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Mental Health and Yoga Summit 2022 Recordings



Summit 2022

This online Summit Recordings are for yoga teachers and therapists interested in integrating yoga and psychology into their life and work, and being part of the new wave of integrative mental health care.

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What will you learn

Stay up-to-date with the latest research and ideas in the field of mental health & yoga.

  • Applying polyvagal theory to yoga
  • Yoga, eating disorders and body image
  • Yoga Sutras and trauma
  • Bhagavad Gita and mental health
  • Adverse effects of meditation
  • The science of yoga
  • Integrating yoga and psychotherapy
  • Bringing yoga into the doctor’s office
  • Eco-psychology and yoga
  • Mental health for yoga business owners
  • Making yoga more accessible for everyone
  • Yoga and psycho-oncology
  • Acknowledgement of country in yoga
  • Latest research into yoga and depression
  • Yoga to manage your mood
  • Teaching yoga in prisons
  • Connection to country and yoga
  • Stigma, diagnosis and mental health
  • Yoga for diabetes
  • Yoga for overwhelm
  • Moving beyond labels in psychiatry
  • Pelvic health and pelvic trauma in yoga
  • Yoga for your menstrual cycle
  • Mental health and Ayurveda
  • Finding ease in a world of dis-ease
  • and more



Saraswathi Vasudevan (she/her) is the co-founder of Yoga Vahini Foundation and serves on the Voluntary Board of Directors of Yoga Alliance.

Saraswathi Vasudevan

Yoga Sutras & Mental Health
Yoga Sutras & Trauma
Dr Arielle Schq

Dr Arielle Schwartz (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified complex trauma professional, author and Kripalu yoga teacher.

Dr Arielle Schwartz

Applying Polyvagal Theory to Yoga
Anneke Sips

Jivana Heyman (he/him) is a yoga teacher, author, and founder & director of the Accessible Yoga Association.

Jivana Heyman

Accessible Yoga
Anneke Sips

Amy Weintraub (she/her) is the founder of the LifeForce Yoga® Healing Institute, an acclaimed yoga therapist, author and a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health.

Amy Weintraub

Yoga for Your Mood
Anneke Sips

James Fox (he/him) is the founder of the Prison Yoga Project and has developed trauma informed approaches to teaching yoga in correctional facilities.

James Fox

Yoga in Prisons
Anneke Sips

Dr Ganesh Mohan (he/him) is a medical doctor trained in ancient studies and directs Ayurveda trainings and Svastha Yoga Therapy Program.

Dr Ganesh Mohan

Intersection of Yoga & Mental Health
Anneke Sips

Stephanie Lopez (she/her) is a certified yoga therapist, the Senior Director of Teachings & Programs and Senior iRest Trainer for iRest Institute.

Stephanie Lopez

Yoga for Overwhelm
Anneke Sips

Ann Swanson (she/her) is a certified yoga therapist and author of the best-selling book, SCIENCE OF YOGA.

Ann Swanson

The Science of Yoga
Anneke Sips

Stephen Cope (he/him) is a best-selling author, scholar, and founder and former director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living.

Stephen Cope

Yoga’s Exquisite View of Life’s Meaning & Purpose
Anneke Sips

Rachel Zinman (she/her) is a certified yoga teacher, teacher trainer, author of Yoga for Diabetes an Mental Health Aware Yoga graduate.

Rachel Zinman

Yoga & Diabetes
Anneke Sips

Chara Caruthers (she/her) is a certified Yoga Therapist, writer and professional Ayurvedic practitioner.

Chara Caruthers

Mental Health & Ayurveda
Anneke Sips

Anneke Sips (she/her) is a Psychiatric Nurse, Yoga Therapist and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and the Yoga Therapy Conference.

Anneke Sips

Yoga & Psychosis
Beyond Labels
Anneke Sips

Shannon Crow (she/her) is a yoga teacher consultant, host of The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast, and founder of Pelvic Health Professionals.

Shannon Crow

Community & Mental Health
Anneke Sips

Simon Borg-Olivier (he/him) is a teacher trainer, a research scientist, university lecturer and co-director of YogaSynergy Australia.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Simple Physical Tools for Resilience
Anneke Sips

Ana Davis (she/her) is a Yoga Teacher, author, Doula and founder of Bliss Baby Yoga.

Ana Davis

Yoga for the Menstrual cycle
Anneke Sips

Annabel McLisky (she/her) is a yoga teacher & trainer, co-founder of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia, and a retired Psychologist.

Annabel McLisky

Yoga in the Counselling Room
Anneke Sips

Neal Ghoshal (he/him) is a Yoga Teacher Trainer, co-founder of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training in New Zealand, and a Mental Health Aware Yoga graduate.

Neal Ghoshal

Living Kindness
Anneke Sips

Fiona Sutherland (she/her) is a yoga teacher, accredited practising Dietitian, Director of The Mindful Dietitian and a Podcast host.

Fiona Sutherland

Body Image & Yoga
Anneke Sips

Sandra Palmer (she/her) is a Registered Psychologist and experienced Yoga teacher and iRest meditation teacher in New Zealand.

Sandra Palmer

Yoga in the Psychology Practice
Anneke Sips

Dr Miguel Farias (he/him) is an experimental psychologist, author, and founding director of the Brain, Belief, & Behaviour Lab at Coventry University.

Dr Miguel Farias

Adverse Effects of Meditation
Anneke Sips

Sunita Baste Patil (she/her) is a Yoga Teacher & mentor who offers comprehensive teachings on yoga, Ayurveda, and the healing science of India.

Sunita Baste Patil

Bhagavad Gita & Mental Health
Anneke Sips

Nikola Ellis (she/her) is a certified Yoga Therapist, Psychotherapist and founder of Adore Yoga in Sydney, Australia.

Nikola Ellis

Yoga & Eating Disorders
Yoga & Psycho-oncology
Anneke Sips

Ella Noah Bancroft (she/her) is a Yoga Teacher, the mentor & founder of The Returning and Yhi Collective, and pioneer for The Decolonisation movement.

Ella Noah Bancoft

Acknowledgment of Country in Yoga
Anneke Sips

Dr Kaitlin Harkess (she/her) is a Clinical Psychologist, Senior Yoga Instructor and founder of Wisdom for Wellbeing.

Dr Kaitlin Harkess

Integrating Clinical Psychology & Yoga
Anneke Sips

Eve White is a Wirridjuri woman, Yoga Instructor, Professional Dancer, Indigenous Cultural Educator & MermaidFit creator.

Eve White

Connecting to Country
Anneke Sips

Diane Liska (she/her) is a Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher specialising in neuroscience, offering Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy.

Diane Liska

Yoga-informed Psychotherapy & the Relational Space
Anneke Sips

Brook McCarthy (she/her) is a business coach, Yoga Teacher and trainer with a background in Public Relations.

Brook McCarthy

Mental Health for Business Owners
Anneke Sips

Lisa Fitzpatrick (she/her) is a registered Physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation, yoga, mindfulness meditation and women’s health.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Mental health, Pelvic Health & Yoga for Wellbeing
Anneke Sips

Tara D’cruz-Noble (she/her) is a Photographer and Yoga Yeacher who weaves the philosophical teachings of yoga into her work through creative inquiry.

Tara D’Cruz-Noble

Photography & The Visual Story of Yoga
Dr Lauren Tober

Dr Lauren Tober (she/her) is a Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and the founder of the Yoga Psychology Institute.

Dr Lauren Tober




Dr Lauren Tober

As a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher of around two decades, Dr Lauren is passionate about integrating yoga and psychology on the mat, in the counselling room and in the world.

With the growing interest in mental health and yoga, yoga students are attending yoga classes for the mental health benefits in unprecedented numbers, and therapists are bringing yoga into their clinical practice more than ever.

Join Dr Lauren Tober, the founder of the Yoga Psychology Institute, as she speaks to world leaders in yoga and mental health.

Dr Lauren Tober
Yoga Australia
Mindful in May
Offering Tree
Network Yoga Therapy
Therapists Rising


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